Just ‘cause it makes me laugh.

Just ‘cause it makes me laugh.

Kidneys all around…

Thoughts on the first, last, inbetween - pretty much all Rizzles scenes in tonight’s episode:

Especially the first scene…my. god. So married. The only other people - besides married people - that fight about turning off the hot water, are roommates. And while they don’t technically live together…they pretty much live together.

Also…I didn’t give two shits about the crime story in this episode. I don’t even…I just…I can’t. I don’t know. The only props I give it are for making Maura go undercover again. Girrrrrrrrrl is redonkulous.

Maura and Hope:

I can’t deal with all of the crying feels. Maura has already cried the equivalent of the Atlantic Ocean. No mas, por favor.


That episode was AMAZING.

No but seriously. It was awesome. Maura crying, noooo I wanted to reach through my TV, okay laptop, and give her a hug. My god, somebody should, right?

There’s so much from this episode to comment on, I don’t even know where to start. So I think I’ll just go watch it all. over. again. Yes.

P.S. Jane’s fart, tidy underwear whatever dance:

Because Jane Rizzoli is a badass and badasses like her need videos to showcase their badassery. Enjoy. I had super bunches of fun making this one. Watch in HD, peeps!

Ken & Barbie

Okay first of all, this dollhouse episode made me think of my mom and her boyfriend’s neighbors who are in fact named Ken and Barbie — swearing on a stack of Gray’s Anatomy books — yet they look nothing like Ken and Barbie. At. All.

Moving along. Unpopular opinion, but I really liked this episode. Another unpopular opinion, I like Jane and Casey. Yes, dudes are pricks 75% of the time, it’s in their genetic makeup…but I still like him.

Look, my feelings are as follows: Jane is straight - although completely strong and independent - she does want to find someone some day, so unless she has some great epiphany one morning or falls out of a closet, she’s going to keep dating dudes. Casey is BY FAR the best out of any male that has graced Jane’s presence to date.

Not to sound too much like Maura, but he’s sweet - well he was, at least pre-injury. And hot. Chris Vance is hot. Yes, I’m straight.

I liked the crime story line, too, which is a rarity in most episodes. When the crime is good - even if it’s used as a backdrop - the episode flows so much better. Despite that, it won’t have me running out to any doll stores any time soon.


I gotta say, not a fan of mopey Jane, although I like that she still didn’t lose her sense of humor. And may I say, nice scrunchie.

Maura. Maura is just awesome. And may I say, green is your color, giiiiirl.

Ma Rizzoli reminds me so much of my own mother I can’t help but love everything she does. I love that she sneaks Rondo food.

RONDO. I just gotta say one thing…Mrs. Vanilla… #dead. And his homie posse? Sha. Angela’s Guardians. Respect.

Rondo & Ma Rizzoli. I ship it. What was the name someone came up with? Rongela? haha.

Korsak and Frost are hilarious. Jane saying that she’d visit Korsak at Walpole…how sweet.

The whole Marlene thing was creepy yet oddly humorous. “I dunno where she’s been, you take her.” - “She might like leashes, too.” Bwaha. $8,000 for a sex doll? Really? They should’ve had Jane punch it in the head when she walked up.

LOVED this convo:

Maura: Sixteen bytes per sector are reserved for keys and access conditions and cannot normally be used for user data.

Jane: Beep. I am a robot. Beep. I do not compute human talk.

Maura: I do not use that inflection and that is the storage space on a B cat card.

Jane: That’s riveting.

Maura: I’m going to the gym and even though you’re rude, you’re coming with me.

Jane: No. Thank you. I’m too tired to work out.

Maura: Then let’s go to The Dirty Robber. I’ll even have a beer with you.

Jane: No, I’m gonna go work out on my couch…five stages of junk food.

And can we please take a gigantic long second to appreciate the fact that Maura had Angela swear on a Gray’s Anatomy book? ………………… thank you.

Jane: Have you been drinking? (Selfish plug of a sidenote: who else wants to see a majorly inebriated Maura Isles? *raises both hands* thank you)

Maura: Yes. Water. Two liters a day as recommended by the Mayo Clinic.

Jane: You couldn’t possibly tell how old that speck of blood is.

Maura: Yes I can. It’s simple. A laser excites the tryptophan until it fluoresces.

Jane: Tick tock.

Maura: Well you asked.

Jane and Maura spying behind the crap piece of Pinto art was lovely.

And lastly…shut the front door. Maura Isles you are too much.

R&I. Premiere. Tonight.

Let me take a moment to dance this out.