Kidneys all around…

Thoughts on the first, last, inbetween - pretty much all Rizzles scenes in tonight’s episode:

Especially the first scene…my. god. So married. The only other people - besides married people - that fight about turning off the hot water, are roommates. And while they don’t technically live together…they pretty much live together.

Also…I didn’t give two shits about the crime story in this episode. I don’t even…I just…I can’t. I don’t know. The only props I give it are for making Maura go undercover again. Girrrrrrrrrl is redonkulous.

Maura and Hope:

I can’t deal with all of the crying feels. Maura has already cried the equivalent of the Atlantic Ocean. No mas, por favor.

An open request…

To Gary Glasberg and/or Janet Tamaro…


I’ve been buried eyeball deep in a Season 1 and 2 NCIS marathon (for like the ninetieth time - USA network, you’re not helping the cause) and all of my Kate feels came rushing back with a vengeance. So, I would magnanimously appreciate it if you could somehow work Sasha Alexander (aka my dead!Kate) into an upcoming episode so that she is there, in the flesh, not in flashbacks or archived footage.

My Tony/Kate shipper heart, while super grateful for the marriage/baby shout out last season, would LOVE to see Kate and Tony together (with new material) one last time. I shipped Tony and Kate before I even knew what shipping was. Plus their bickering, I mean, come on…few couples rival it. We all know it was just a bunch of pent up sexual tension anyway. Yes. Yes, it was.




While I have not been buried eyeball deep in a Rizzoli & Isles marathon (because it is in season, yay!), I would magnanimously appreciate it if you could coerce Michael Weatherly into making a guest appearance (or arc) on Rizzoli & Isles, perhaps…no, definitely as a love interest for Maura. If you’re insistent on shoving random men at Jane and Maura, please shove him. He might be one of the few men your show’s fan base won’t mind getting “thrown” at Maura.



Gary and Janet,

Either of these options work for me…I would not object to both happening however, in the same year, like not that far apart…okay? Great.



R&I. Premiere. Tonight.

Let me take a moment to dance this out.


I was just at Price Chopper picking up some…food. Anyway, I was in the bakery and the dude behind the counter was so nice and soo fiiooiiiine. He started flirting up a storm. I flashed some cheese. He flashed some cheese. It was bien. It’s ‘cause I’m awesome and my smile looks like a million bucks and well…

Why yes, yes I am modest.

On a completely random note: I feel like if Jane Rizzoli and Liz Lemon were to ever meet…Jane would probably shoot Liz. Liz and Maura; however, could bond over their mutual love for cheese. <—— This is a product of gobbledygook thought-age rolling around in my brain.

I can’t handle it.

I’m in the process of having a mini Will & Grace marathon so I can laugh my ass off before I watch the finale of Rizzoli & Isles, where I’ll ball my eyes out because I have to wait until November for brand new episodes. No judging.

I think…

It’s tiiiiiiiiiime!

Time for some Rizzles. Having no cable blows…hard. I am not a patient person.

Oh, Jane. We are so alike. This scene FTW.